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    Lean Six Sigma is the set of the ultimate project management technologies aimed at reducing waist and variance.

    Our portfolio encompasses a set of projects following the digital thread and managing and analysing data throughout the project life cycle.

    The future is here. It’s been here for some time, actually. If you are not in Augmented Reality, your competitor definitely is.

    Artificial Intelligence has stopped being a fantasy since Isaac Azimov. We do know how to implement AI technologies for the best UX.

    Collaboration and team building is key to achieving efficiency in your project. We provide the best venues to make your events rock.

    For years, we have stayed at the frontier of the innovation technologies and have successfully managed a portfolio of projects for our stakeholders.

    We have 10+ years of experience of providing top-notch IT services.

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    recent cases studies

    Augmented reality

    Virtual reality is finally a reality. Make sure to claim your place in this fast developing industry sector right now.

    marketing research

    Our certified specialists are ready to conduct interviews, surveys, estimate the market-fit position.

    business consulting

    What methodology is best for you? Depending on the nature of the business, we consult on Agile, Scrum, Lean+Kanban, Lean Six Sigma, or Waterfall approaches.

    investor relationships

    Short on equities or long on bonds? Are we expecting staglation or the Goldilocks moment? Our finance experts are there to advise.

    implementing ideas

    Before taking the leap, talk to our experts to test waters. We have been in innovation, AI, UI, UX and white-label APIs for 10+ years.

    research department

    Our RnD has an extensive experience in implementing complex 2D and 3D solutions for a various portfolio of industires, including using AI and big data.

    We commit to streamline processes, improve quality and build a great team.

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